February 26, 2015 - Congratulations Letter

Dear Connie:

It is our pleasure to once again congratulate you on an outstanding year of real estate sales for 2014. Your production puts you in the top 10 percent of our company and certainly among the top brokers in the Southwest Washington area. This is an honor you have accomplished for 23 consecutive years with our firm. That is quite an accomplishment!

2014 was an interesting year in Clark County. Our lack of inventory provided significant challenges for helping our clients with their housing goals. You, as always, successfully navigated those obstacles and provided exemplary service to your buyers and sellers. No agent in our company seems to have such a fierce loyalty from their clients. This is due to your competence and professionalism, and certainly for your compassion to the needs of your clients. You continue to be the foundation of Windermere Stellar's success and unsurpassed reputation.

Thank you for 23 years of continued support and loyalty. We are proud to have you associated with Windermere.

Trent Latshaw
Gerry Dowdy Latshaw
Brian Allen, President/Owner
Joan Tate Allen, Vice President/Owner

September 2014 - Survey Response

I was completely satisfied with Connie's service. Not only will I use her services again, but I also will refer her to my friends and family members. I loved working with Connie and her assistant, JoAnn. They were very attentive, giving me their personal attention and constantly updating me. As a result I had an excellent outcome and experience.

Connie has years of experience and proves to do her job with honesty and confidence. I worked with Connie many years ago. She's the BEST and has always been very professional.


August 2014 - Survey Response

Connie is an excellent broker and has amazing integrity. She stands by her clients and is honest in her communication. She is available for questions and provides professional contacts for inspections and repairs. I trust her judgement and feel fortunate to have worked with her. I am a repeat client of Connie's would recommend her to others.

Buyer and Seller

February 13, 2014 - Congratulations Letter

Dear Connie:

Once again It is our pleasure to congratulate you on a wonderful year - 2013. Your sales production puts you in the top 10 percent of our company and certainly among the top brokers in the Vancouver Metro area. If we had been keeping "score" since we started Stellar, we are sure this would be the 22nd letter we are writing to congratulate you!

The downturn is certainly over, but 2013 was still a year of challenges, especially with the lack of inventory. You never seem to miss a beat however, and we get constant praise about you from your clients and also the other real estate agents you work with. You are truly a model of competency, professionalism and compassion for your clients. Windermere's reputation in the community is unsurpassed. You are the foundation of our company's success.

Thank you for 22 years of continued support and loyalty. We could not be prouder in having you with Windermere. Thank you.

Trent Latshaw
Gerry Dowdy Latshaw
Brian Allen, President/Owner
Joan Tate Allen, Vice President/Owner

Best Business 2013

Here are the winners of the Vancouver Business Journal's inaugural Best in Business Awards.
Residential Real Estate: Windermere Real Estate

March 1, 2013

Hi K- and S-,

We are sad to hear you are moving, but understand the reason - being near your family is everything.

Last year we worked with a wonderful realtor to sell several of our rental homes - Connie Bovee with Windermere/Stellar Group in Vancouver. Connie is very knowledgeable, experienced, professional, honest and straight-forward. I enjoyed working with her and she does a great job with follow-up and communication with her clients. Connie did a great job for us and we will continue to work with her in the future. We highly recommend Connie Bovee!


June 6, 2012

Windermere's Customer Service Response

How would you describe the service you received from your agent?

I contacted Connie Bovee for help in finding and purchasing a home because I had worked with her as the buyer's agent when selling a home in the past and was impressed with her experience and professionalism. During my current process, Connie answered all calls and email messages promptly, throroughly, and professionally. She took initiative in making suggestions, seeking properties to show, and explaining the search and purchase processes. She was friendly flexible and encouraging in every way. Also, her proven resources for other help including mortgage service, home inspection repairs, painting, and color consultation were very helpful. I am again impressed and pleased with Connie's service and would definitely recommend her to others.

March 30, 2012

Connie has represented us several times as a buyer and a seller over the last 15 years. She is such a kind person, yet she will speak up if she feels you are not considering things that are truly in your best interest.

In the last year she also helped us with deciding whether to keep a house as a rental or to sell. Since she and her husband have invested in/managed numerous rentals during their time in Clark County she was an excellent resource for that information as well. She sent us links for leases and other valuable documents we needed for a lease termination/eviction and told us about the Landlord's association web site as well.

Connie keeps up with the market trends and can help you with ideas on how to get your house staged and looking it's best for hitting the market looking it's best. Her negotiating skills are excellent and she will not lie or try to overprice your house just to get the listing.

Recently she helped us sell my parent's condo after their passing. The renter was dragging his feet on getting out of the condo. Since I was out of state and couldn't handle things personally, Connie stepped in and helped improve the communication with the renter in order to get him out of the condo in a timely manner before closing.

Connie's ethics are unequalled. She always does "the right thing" and wants/expects her clients to do so as well. I have been buying and selling houses for 36 years and watched my parents do it for many years before that. Yet I have learned so much from Connie over the years. Connie is the kind of realtor that you will never lose touch with once she has represented you whether she helped you buy or sell.

I hope we are in our "forever" home, but if not I would not hesitate to use Connie's services again.

Karen and Jon Haugstad

March 19, 2012

Hi Connie,

Just wanted to let you know I signed today with Windermere on my Refi. Lynn did an excellent job and I feel I can highly recommend her. Thanks again for the referral! Now can you do something about slipping house values? :-)

Thanks again to you and all the Windermere team! Always the greatest.


February 16, 2012 - Congratulations Letter

Dear Connie,

Congratulations! Even though the year 2011 will go down in history as the 4th straight year of a struggling real estate market, you have continued to successfully help home buyers and sellers achieve their goals.

We know achieving your clients' goals only came with hard work , exceptional skills, and dogged determination. Successfully negotiating an agreement between a buyer and a seller was only part of the challenge. Managing the transactions process in this market through inspections,s renegotiations, appraisals and mortgage underwriting were more important than ever.

In addition to dealing with the normal high stress of people buying or selling a home and making a move, you've also helped many truly distressed sellers work through selling their home for less than they paid, and/or less than they owed their lenders.

It is at times like these your value is most appreciated, by your clients and by us. We have enjoyed reading what your clients say about working with you.

Thank you for being a leader in our company and in the community for the past 20 years. We greatly respect your strong production, your generous donations to the Windermere Foundation, and your professionalism. We are very proud to count you as our friend and colleague.

Brian Allen, President/Owner
Joan Tate Allen, Vice President/Owner

August 8, 2011

Dear Mt. Latshaw & Ms. Dowdy,

We are writing this letter to express our complete appreciation for Connie Bovee. As first time home buyers, we required a lot of guidance throughout the process. Connie could not have been more helpful to us as we looked at over 40 homes in a six month period. We greatly valued Connie's professionalism, work-ethic and positive attitude.

Connie is an expert communicator. She was able to teach us a lot about this business and we always felt comfortable with decisions we made because of her expertise. We witnessed that Connie always acts with great integrity in every situation, whether talking with sellers, buyers, or other agents. We also realized through this process that we are not the only ones who share this high opinion of Connie. She is very well respected by other professionals in real estate.

Connie has incredible work ethic. She returns emails and phone calls promptly. She always follows through with tasks. She answers every question honestly and clearly. She is incredibly flexible with her schedule to meet the needs of her clients.

Even though our home-buying process was time intensive, we always felt like we were a priority to Connie. We always knew that Connie had our best interests in-hand and we never felt pressured or rushed. We greatly appreciated her positive outlook and sense of humor.

We could not have been happier with Connie Bovee. She is an asset to your business and the real estate profession. Connie will always be our first choice whether recommending a realtor or buying or selling a future home.

Tim Suenkel
Kevin Hudson

March 2, 2010

Hi Connie,

Thanks for the confirmation and many thanks for all of your help and advice that you provided. You are an excellent realtor to work with and we hope that you have a very prosperous year!

Best Regards,
Vicki & Gary Vorhies

April 13, 2009

Susan and I (and members of our extended family) have worked with Connie in several real estate transactions over the past 10 years. While there are many things that we appreciate about Connie (e.g. integrity, professional knowledge, and continued service after completion of the transaction), one the most impressive characteristics is her desire to act in the best interest of her clients even if it means not making a sale or purchase.

For example, we initially decided to list our property with Connie due to a number of personal factors, including our daughter dealing with a serious medical condition. At the time, we thought this was the best decision for our daughter and our family. However, three months later, our circumstances changed and we changed our minds. We felt so bad making this decision because of the time and energy Connie had invested in helping to prepare and market our property. However, Connie expressed no hesitation in agreeing with our decision and firmly stated we should do what was best for our family.

Later in the year, circumstances changed again and we decided (supposedly for the last time!) that "downsizing" would be a good decision for financial and family reasons. Connie listened as we explained our reasons, asked excellent and insightful questions to help us confirm our decision. Unfortunately, we listed the property just as market conditions began to deteriorate. Connie was very open and honest when explaining how the changing market changes would impact our sales price and purchasing options for a new home. Over the next six months, it became apparent that selling the house in the current market would not be a sound financial decision. Connie advised us to take the property off the market and wait until it stabilized and recovered. It would have been so easy for Connie to just focus on making the sale, but that is completely opposite of her business and personal philosophy. Connie will never compromise what is best for her clients in return for a short-term financial gain (i.e. the sales commission).

I imagine it is tough economic conditions such as these that truly separate excellent, service-oriented career realtors from ones that are just in the profession to try to make money. Connie has our utmost respect and that is why we always refer clients to her. No one we have referred has every experienced anything other than superior service. If you are contemplating selling and/or buying a property, Susan and I can confidently state that working with Connie will be the best decision you make.

Willy and Susan Cushwa

October 6, 2008

Hi Connie,

Thanks again for the superb service in helping me relocate to my new home. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you have done to make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

If and when you are in the area, I would love to have you drop in for a cuppa.

Jean A.

September 2008

We have had a lot of experience buying home, both together and in prior "lives" before we got together. So, we speak from some experience. The professionalism, attention to detail and timeliness of all three of you in completing our recent home buying spree was extraordinary. Each of you has shown in your part of the transaction that you are at the top of your profession. From our initial contact with Connie on the phone through signing the last document in Leslie's office with a liberal sprinkling of repeated contacts with Angelique to make sure that the loan process was timely and accurate, we felt as if we were the most important people in your lives. For this we thank you.

On the other side of that coin, you are also the only three people that we know in Vancouver. So, for the near term, we plan to rely on your experience and knowledge of the local community as we settle into our lives there. Hopefully, we won't become pests.

Thank you all, again!
Don & Vicki Newell